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About Me


Being handed a camera at the age of seven, photography instantly became the passion of my life. I was fascinated with the idea of capturing moments in time and keeping them forever. To me, taking a picture and capturing a moment are two completely different things. Anyone can take a picture really... but capturing a moment and the very essence of person is a skill.

After over 24 years of shooting pictures, a Gold Medal in Skills Canada for photography, graduating from the prestigious college of Sheridan College for photography and working with various celebrity photographers in Los Angeles California, I have excelled in my skill and have desire to know even more. I enjoy pushing the limits and conquering challenges. My favourite part about doing photo shoots is bringing out the beauty in every person and capturing emotion.

I am very thankful for everyone who has helped me along the way somehow whether it was giving me advice, support and believing in me from the beginning. My family has been the biggest key to my success along with all the special people I met along the way (Tom. H, Mark. T, Rafal.N, Sue, Emily.H, Jana.A, Lynn.W, Allison.M, Joel.M, Jason.S, John.J, Amanda.C, Robert.W and many more)! The best thing about photography is sharing that passion with other people so thank you for taking the time to read my story:)

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